BitTribe Lab will gather global wisdom and devote itself to the theoretical research, technological breakthrough, innovation project exploration and product realization of digital life network. Give life time, "life to continue, civilization to be eternal." This is the vision of BitTribe Lab. BitTribe Lab hopes that in the process of human survival, each person can cultivate an exclusive digital brain, which can represent individuals to continue to survive, cooperate and evolve in the network after the death of life, so as to realize the continuation of life and complete the evolution from carbon-based life to silicon-based life. And this network, it's called the digital life network.


      BitTribe Lab will be committed to the construction of digital life network. Digital life network is a new world in which human digital life lives, produces and evolves. BitTribe Lab will establish various native tribes through evangelists. Each community will be adhering to the "theory of justice" in "cannot allow unrestrained freedom leads to the unfair competition, must be aimed at fair political and legal system to regulate the market trend, to ensure equality opportunity to the social conditions of" thought for the idea, and through the bottom-up equal justice more stakeholders governance mode of governance.


      BitTribe Lab will be a paradise for blockchain believers, AI supremacists, tech geeks and liberals. They are the wall people, they are the minority, they are the fire thieves, they are the aborigines. The aborigines in BitTribeLab will be the ones with personal silicon-based worlds that establish carbon-based immortality. It will be people who use their brains to form nodes in networks. The native inhabitants of BitTribe Lab have real, untamable autonomous identities, and the connection and communication between them will be the most primitive "radio" communication.

      A new digital era is here, and with it, a new reality.

      10 years ago, the creation of Bitcoin disrupted the world by revealing a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is simple and unstructured, yet robust and powerful. For the first time, a technology called blockchain has made people realize how rules can be enforced and how transactions can be executed, purely peer-to-peer, no authority, no centralization.


      When there is consensus based on rules, when there is trust coded into a system, when there is an autonomous digital society, physical boundaries are meaningless, we are all residents in a new digital world. Join us in creating this new digital world, a blockchain world where everyone can take part in creating new identity, new money, new economy, new forms of connection and collaboration, a world that everyone can call home.


      Who are we? We are native residents of BitTribe, the first autonomous crypto tribe that may be a small star in a new digital universe. We are engineers, entrepreneurs, scholars, researchers, humanitarians and most importantly, dreamers of a new reality.

      Join us as residents in BitTribe, where you regain control of your digital identity and your economic power in a new monetary system.

      Join us as architects for a new digital world, where you build technology ecosystem and foster new ideas like never before.

      Join us as ambassadors to this digital world, where the door is open to everyone, simply no boundaries.

      Join us.

      Join us now.

The paper collection of BitTribe

The paper collection of BitTribe will be advanced based on the 0.1 version of current BitTribe paper. During the promotion process, BitTribe paper will bifurcate and split. Eventually, it will gradually form a collection of papers.

The paper collection of BitTribe include BitTribe Improvement Proposals (BTIP)


WTTF is short for World Token Task Force. WTTF's trc-wiki will serve as a module here. Trc-wiki system is a wikis based networked, participatory, collaborative global TRC proposal, discussion, research, release, management, and motivation environment.


Key basic technology

he key basic technology part is the code implementation of the proceedings. It includes DPOW implementation, DID implementation and so on. The code is completely open source and will be intended to comply with the GPL.



BitTribe Lab will launch an engineer training certification system. BitTribe Lab's training certification system will include:

* BTLAE - BitTribe Lab Assistant Engineer
* BTLE - BitTribe Lab Engineer

* BTLA - BitTribe Lab Architect


As a non-profit organization, BitTribe Lab accepts any form of support, including code, documentation, recommendations, etc. BitTribe Lab will also accept donations in the form of digital currency and make them public.


BitTribe Lab will perform three major plans.

* 1. Bitcoin rescue plan
* 2. Chieftain empowerment plan.(BitTribe)

* 3. Public chain r&d plan.(BitSing)

BitTribe Lab team will be divided into three parts:

       Core execution team: mainly responsible for the construction of BitTribe Lab and the execution of specific work. The core execution team comes from all over the world and has rich experience in the fields of computer, economics, finance and cryptography.


      Advisory group: the consultant team will output strategic opinions on the development of BitTribe Lab as a supporter of BitTribe Lab.


      Think tanks: think tanks are participants and contributors to BitTribe Lab, including code, documentation, solutions and other forms of contributions.